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How long can waist trainer corset last in a day?

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Nowadays, many women often wear waist trainer corset to compress the waist and abdomen, reduce appetite, thereby reducing food intake. Many women choose to wear a waist trainer corset before eating. It should be noted that the time of wearing shapewear every day should not be too long, otherwise it will cause some negative effects. So how many hours is the best to wear waist trainer corset?

The waist trainer corset should not be worn for more than 8 hours a day, otherwise it will endanger your health.
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Shapewear is to increase the elasticity of the underwear by adding elastic yarns. At the same time, the local elasticity is handled during weaving to make the shape of the underwear conform to the curve of the human body. Experts pointed out that some women currently use waist trainer corset as weight loss clothing. In fact, the main function of body shaper waist trainer is to adjust the distribution of body fat to make the curve beautiful instead of losing weight.

Women's urethra is short, wide, straight and weak in muscle strength. It cannot withstand the impact of urine when abdominal pressure increases, and it is prone to urinary incontinence. If you wear waist trainer and waist trimmer for a long time, causing the intra-abdominal pressure to increase, the bladder will be pressed forward and downward, making the posterior angle between the urethra and the bladder increase and straight, which is even more unfavorable to the control of urination.


It is recommended not to simply wear waist trainer corset to exercise. Waist trainer corset with appropriate exercise will achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

1. Relaxed aerobic exercise
If you master the strong and weak rhythms in half an hour of aerobic exercise, then you can achieve twice the result with half the effort. That is to add a gentle recovery exercise in the interval of high-intensity exercise. It is also half an hour of aerobic exercise. This kind of exercise with strong and weak rhythm consumes twice as much calories as exercise with steady rhythm.

2. One leg exerts force when riding
When you are exercising on a scooter, intermittently let one leg pedal harder to increase the intensity of the exercise. At the beginning, you can pedal both legs together at a moderate intensity for 4 minutes, and then focus on the left leg and pedal at a high intensity. After 30 seconds, change the right leg as the main force leg and kick for another 30 seconds. Then kick both legs together at a moderate speed for 4 minutes for adjustment and recovery. In this way, one-legged hard pedal for 1 minute every 4 minutes, for a total of 30 minutes of exercise. This single-leg pedaling exercise can help you burn 20% more calories.

3. Split exercise time
Split the usual exercise into two stages. For example, if you used to run 5 kilometers a day, you can split it into 2.5 kilometers in the morning and 2.5 kilometers in the evening. After shortening the exercise time, you can try to increase the intensity, so that you can increase the calorie consumption in the same distance.

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