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100% Nylon Self Adhesive Hook and Loop Dots
  • Adhesive Hook and Loop Dots
  • Adhesive Hook and Loop Dots
  • Adhesive Hook and Loop Dots
  • Adhesive Hook and Loop Dots
  • Adhesive Hook and Loop Dots

100% Nylon Self Adhesive Hook and Loop Dots

  • Material:

    100% Nylon
  • Shape:

  • Use:

    Bags, Garment, Shoes
  • Size:

  • Place of Origin:

    Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name:

  • Color:

  • Product Type:

    Hook loop dots
  • Samples:

  • Product description:

    Strong Adhesive and Longer Lasting: Both are made of nylon material and hot melt adhesive with high temperature resistant, very strong self adhesive

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100% Nylon Self Adhesive Hook and Loop Dots

Product Description
Product Name: Adhesive hook loop dots
Material: polyester and nylon
Specification: 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 110mm, etc.
Colors: Black, white, blue, red, yellow, orange, etc.
Heat Resistance:

Melting point:hook 230℃; loop  180℃

Maintains normal bonding performance during 1000 hours at the temperature of 93℃ to below -56.7℃.

Cold Resistance:

Still works when temperature is below -20℃, and the lower the temperature, the larger the strength becomes, but with a decrease in durability.

Water Resistance:

Retains 50% of closure strength is water and recovers 100% of strength after drying.


1. Tenacious and durable;

2. Reusable, practical and eco-friendly;

3. Double sticker design makes them easy to use;

4. Adhesiveness helps stick articles firmly;

5. Designed for long term daily use;

6. Perfect for sewing and crafts;

7. Idea for hanging educational items, posters, charts, signs and more;

8. They are available in squares, coins, strips, and tapes and come in a range of colors.


1. It is good for home, office, school and workshop use, wallboard, glass, metal, paper products, ceramics, poster and most plastics.

2. Furthermore, it can store and organize your computer cords, cables and so on, keep your desk, home, office neat.


1. Recommend to use on a smooth surface, such as walls, plastics, glasses where can guarantee the product viscosity; the viscosity of the self adhesive tape(dots/square/other) will be greatly reduced when tear it off to use again.

2. Not recommended for fabrics, dashboards, flexible vinyl or underwater use.Continued exposure to full sunlight can damage fastener. May not adhere well to certain types of brick-testing is recommended.

3m adhesive dots

Self-adhesive sticky hook loop tape.jpg



Tape is cut die into the following shapes:↓

adhesive dots


The price is affordable, the product quality is guaranteed.

3m adhesive dots3m adhesive dots3m adhesive dots

Company Information

3m adhesive dots

It was established in 2010, specialized in producing hook loop cable ties, all kinds of ski straps, ski carriers, ski bags, elastic bands, medical straps, adhesive hook loop and other related series of sports products. All products are exported at home and abroad. Europe and America are our main markets.3m adhesive dots

We have built a collaborative relationship with Intersport, K2, TOKO, Nordica, SWIX, Coop and other European and American world-famous sports brands. To meet diversified procurement requirement from our customers, we independently research and produce bicycle chainstay protectors, bicycle pedal straps, shock covers, all kinds of Belly band holsters, neoprene products, etc. By constantly enriching the product category of the company and considerate customer service, we have been improving the competitiveness and international influence of the enterprise.3m adhesive dots

Production Process

3m adhesive dots


 3m adhesive dots

Packaging & Shipping

 3m adhesive dots


Q1.Q1: Can Industrial Strength Hook loop Products be used outdoors?
A: Yes, all of our Industrial Strength products are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.


Q2: Are these strong enough to hold wall posters ?

A:Yes, they are. I use them to hold wall posters in my house. It depends on the weight of your wall posters.


Q3: Can I use Industrial Strength products on polyester fabric?

A: Although the Industrial Strength adhesive is very strong and designed for heavy-duty applications, we recommend using products specifically designed for fabrics.


Q4: Can this product be used to secure loveseat, chair and sofa covers?

A: Yes, provided that there is a hard surface. Be sure that both surfaces are clean and dry prior to application.

Some size and color’s MOQ can talk with us for more information.


Q5. When both sides are attached, how thick is heavy duty Hook loop?

A: Our available samples is free,and the shipping cost is by you. It is normal 35USD Shipping cost for samples.


Q6.  Can I use this to secure a rubber floor mat in place?

A: Yes, this product will secure a rubber mat to your floor.


Q7.  Can I use this Industrial Strength Hook loop product to attach items to my fridge?

A: Yes, as long as there is a flat, smooth surface.


Q8.  Will Industrial Strength Hook loop Products leave a residue when I remove them?

A: To ensure that this product holds up to industrial strength standard when it is removed, there might be a slight residue left behind. This should be easily removed by scrubbing with a household cleaner.


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