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July and August are memorable for our company. During the two months, many customers visited our company. It achieves online and offline interaction with customers. This helps customers have a certain understanding of us. For us, this is the moment when opportunities and challenges coexist, so it is very important to do a good job of customer reception.

First of all, it is our responsibility to make customers feel at home from afar. Only when the customer feels comfortable and relaxed, the next series of negotiations and communication can proceed smoothly. Therefore, it is especially important to understand the characteristics of the customer's personality and the country's diet, culture, taboos, etc. Doing this well helps us to invest in it and reduce the chance of thunder.

Secondly, it is very important for customers to feel our sincerity. People are emotional, we do things with our heart, I believe that customers can feel, such as personal pick-up, give customers enough space and respect during the transfer process, when the customer leaves, prepare some small gifts for customers. Gifts needn't to be expensive, on the one hand, they reflect our sincerity, on the other hand, small gifts will not invisibly bring pressure to customers.

Finally, we will always treat our customers with sincerity, we are pursuing better and we are committed to doing better. I believe that every time we actually fight, we have a lot of gains and accumulations, and we will certainly make us do better in the future. Heavenly rewards, I hope that the Emperor will not pay for it. May we be thriving in the future and make great achievements!

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