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What's the use of protective face field?

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Protective face field is generally made of transparent material and can be worn independently. Protective face field is filled with foam. The upper end of the protective face field is provided with a flared edge. The fully enclosed protective field made of non-toxic transparent material can be used multiple times and can be used by doctors during treatment. Because of its transparency and wide field of vision, it is conducive to the operation of medical staff. Transparent face shield is detachable and can be worn independently. Therefore, when taking off the protective clothing, in accordance with the protection requirements of the hospital, take off step by step in different polluted areas. Greatly improved the level of protection. The utility model is designed according to the requirements of ergonomics, and is combined with the head through elastic straps, which is comfortable to wear. Protective face mask has a large gap with the head and is filled with highly elastic material, so it can be adapted to be worn by people with different head shapes while maintaining the overall seal. In the battle against SARS, it can give full play to its effectiveness.
 protective face field
The medical protective face field is characterized in that it includes a transparent mask (1), a cuff (2), a vent hole (3), a filler (4), a trip hole (5), a mask box sealing strip (6), and a mask 

The above is the role of the medical protective face field. I hope that everyone can understand the protective face mask in more detail through this article. At the same time, I hope that everyone can better apply it in real life.

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