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Detailed explanation of CE certification EN149 standard for mask respirator

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EN149 is the CE certification standard of the European Union for protective mask respirator. The judgment of the CE certification EN149 is the filter particles type half mask respirator. It can be simply understood as the particle filter mask, the N95 mask that everyone is familiar with.

Mask respirator required by EN149 are designed to protect against solid, water-based and oil-based aerosols. The EN149 standard for dust masks indicates that they are dust, mist or fiber resistant and tests filters to determine if they are working properly (filter penetration, also known as efficiency). Edge leakage, respiratory resistance and absorption were also tested.

According to the EN149 standard, there are three types of filtration effect: ffp1 filtration of at least 80% of particles; FFP2 filtration of at least 94% of particles; ffp3 filtration of at least 99% of particles. Among them, ffp3 has the best protection performance, while ffp1 has the lowest protection performance. The liquid particle protection filter material is divided into FFP2 and ffp3, and the protection performance of ffp3 is higher than that of FFP2.
mask respirator

EN149 test project
1. Appearance
2. Materials
3. Resistance test
4, headband
5. Expiratory valve
6. Pretreatment
7. Respiratory resistance
8. Air leakage coefficient
9. Carbon dioxide concentration
10. Actual wearing

CE certification process of mask respirator application
1. Fill in application information
2. Arrange to send samples to testing organization
3. Laboratory testing of samples
4. Report after laboratory test
5. CE certificate issued after the report is qualified

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