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A special annual meetting from Hongxiangwen Company

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From January 4th to 5th, 2020, Hongxiangwen Hook & Look Co., Ltd. ushered in a special annual meeting, a party with both entertainment and learning. All our members went to Dongguan to enjoy a large-scale performance and learn how to make the company better and stronger.

During the three-day and two-night annual meeting, we learned about the construction of corporate systems and culture, enjoyed wonderful singing and dancing performances, and were encouraged by passionate speeches.

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Our Team 

Mr. Yang, a well-known business consulting instructor, explained to us how to think as a salesman from the perspective of the needs of customers, and inspired us to be more proactive in meeting customer needs and serving customers. 

Teacher Yang's requirements on the personal abilities of the boss, management and employees. He mentioned that bosses need to improve their leadership and speaking skills. As a management, you need to improve his own process management and communication skills. As a salesman who connects with customers, you need to improve your business knowledge and understand and meet customer needs more actively. 


Wonderful band performance, beautiful light show. 



The world-renowned inspirational master, Mr. John Curtis Mr. John Curtis, the world famous inspiration master, has brought us a wonderful speech.Through his own growth experience and humorous expressions, he made us understand that we must face setbacks and difficulties with a positive and optimistic attitude. 

Our boss

Our Boss - David Li

The two-day, one-night party relax us physically and mentally, and allows us into the next work better. At the same time, both of the boss and employees are learned how to improve and enhance our ability in all aspects, in order to provide better services to our customers.

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