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1. When will the company resume normal operations?
The official working time is currently uncertain, and is expected to be early March
2. Can I accept orders and consultations now?
Yes, sure. We are currently working from home. During this period, we have more time to serve you, such as recommending products for you, designing new products, and meeting your individual needs. What we can do is not limited to existing products and your imagination. In addition, since we will reschedule production soon, there will be no major impact on the progress of new orders, and orders can now be placed normally.
3. Why can't my goods be delivered on time?
Chinese enterprises are under the unified supervision of the government. In response to the current epidemic situation, the Chinese government has made a decision to extend holidays and delay business hours. Therefore, we cannot complete orders and deliver goods on time. If we start production as scheduled, we may face the risk of employees being infected with the new coronavirus, causing greater losses. We apologize for the delay in your order.
4. What is the epidemic situation in China at this stage?
At present, the domestic epidemic situation in China has been well controlled. The worst-hit Hubei Province has imposed strict restrictions on the movement of people on January 25 to prevent the spread of the virus nationwide. This measure is significantly effective, and the number of newly diagnosed infections each day in our other regions is declining.
5. What measures does the Chinese government take to control the epidemic?
The Chinese government has delayed school start times, delayed business hours, cancelled or postponed various outdoor activities. All these measures are to avoid the gathering of people and to prevent the infection of potential virus carriers to other people. These measures now appear to be positive and productive.
6.Evaluation from all parties
On February 16th, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said in an interview that he believed that China's efforts to fight the 2019-nCoV will have a significant effect, and he was full of confidence in China's fight against the epidemic. "I have never seen such a mobilization in my life." WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus positively commented on China's measures in the prevention and control of the epidemic at the press conference, saying that many of China's prevention and control measures go far beyond the response The relevant requirements of the incident set a new benchmark for epidemic prevention work in various countries. He said he believed that China could control the epidemic and that WHO would not recommend restricting trade and activities.

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