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Which face mask is anti-virus? FAQ of mask

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In what novel coronavirus,, which face mask is more suitable? From the point of view of Pathology, there are a lot of dust, bacteria, viruses and various harmful pollutants in the air, which may enter the nose, pharynx, trachea and lungs with people's breath. When the human body's resistance is weak, it can cause disease. Wearing a mask is like setting a "filter screen" for the respiratory tract to filter the inhaled air.

At present, there are some misunderstandings in the selection of respirators. For example, people overemphasize the filtering efficiency, mistaking that the higher the filtering efficiency of the face mask logo, the higher the protection they get.

In fact, wearing a mask can not completely eliminate pollutants, only reduce the contact level of pollutants, because when wearing a mask, there must be a certain amount of leakage in the sealing area between the mask and the face, and the amount of leakage will not increase with the improvement of the filtering efficiency of the mask, so it is more meaningful to choose a mask with good sealing than a mask with very high filtering efficiency.

If the filtering efficiency of the disposable mask is very high, the resistance of the mask to the breathing air flow is usually greater, which is more likely to cause discomfort, thus affecting the length of wearing time. If the air pollution exceeds the standard in the large environment, the air pollution will be everywhere and everywhere. Therefore, after ensuring that the protective mask has the basic protective function, try to choose the mask suitable for your face shape, with low respiratory resistance and strong overall comfort, which will help you to adapt more easily and be more willing to wear the mask for a longer time Avoid contact with air pollutants.

Here are some common face mask Q & A

Q:What kind of face mask is used to protect against influenza virus?
A: the World Health Organization (who) and China's medical management institutions recommend N95 or equivalent respirators to be used for respiratory protection for health care workers at risk of influenza virus infection. N95 respirator is a NIOSH certified product in the United States. Its protection level is equivalent to that of medical respirator and kn95 respirator conforming to Chinese standards, and FFP2 protection face mask conforming to European standards. It should also be noted that influenza can also be transmitted through saliva and mucous membranes, and hand hygiene is equally important.

Q:What is the difference between the certification levels of N95, kn95 and FFP2?
A: N95 is the certification level of American respirator, which is certified by NIOSH. The filtration efficiency of non oil particles is not less than 95%. The words "NIOSH" and "N95" must be marked on the mask;
Kn95 is the certification level of respirator in line with China compulsory standard gb2626-2006. The filtration efficiency of non oil particles shall not be less than 95%. The mask must be marked with "gb2626-2006 kn95";
FFP2 is the CE certification grade of respirator meeting the European en149 standard. The filtration efficiency of oil particles and non oil particles is not less than 94%. The words "en 149:2001 + A1:2009 FFP2" must be marked on the mask.

Q:Is it necessary to use medical protective mask to protect influenza? What is the difference between medical N95 and N95 respirators?
A: first of all, both medical N95 and N95 respirators have respiratory protection functions for particles suspended in the air. Medical N95 respirators must have the functions of both N95 respirators and medical surgical masks, while N95 respirators do not have the functions of medical surgical masks. Therefore, it is a misunderstanding that only medical N95 masks can prevent influenza virus. If there is no need to protect body fluids or blood splashes, only influenza virus, infectious droplets or other harmful particles in the air need to be protected. It is enough to use ordinary N95 respirator or with similar performance.

Q:Why can anti particle face mask be used to filter viruses?
A: the face mask is designed to reduce the exposure level of the wearer to the suspended particles in the air, but it can not guarantee that the wearer will never touch them. It does not exclude the possibility of exposure, so it does not exclude the possibility of infection and illness. If the wearer does not pay attention to hand hygiene and protect the eye mucosa, it may also be infected through other ways.

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