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How to distinguish true and false forehead thermometer?

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During the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the forehead thermometer became another hot-selling anti-epidemic material, and its core infrared temperature sensor was even more difficult to find. At the same time, unscrupulous merchants began to use counterfeit products to indiscriminately.
digital forehead thermometer
There are a variety of infrared temperature sensors on the market, which can be divided into pyroelectric type, thermopile type, diode type, etc. according to the materials used for energy conversion. Due to the high accuracy of the thermopile type (within ± 0.1 ° C), the infrared sensors currently used in ear and forehead thermometers are all thermopile temperature sensors. The test deviation of the pyroelectric sensor used by unscrupulous merchants is within ± 5 ° C. After obtaining the approximate body temperature, the body's conventional body temperature is directly output to confuse the user, and the measured body temperature is seriously distorted, which brings serious hidden dangers to epidemic prevention and control.

Common thermopile temperature sensor used in forehead thermometer and ear thermometer. The thermopile temperature sensor used in the forehead thermometer on the market is 4 pins, with high conduction requirements. The pins are mostly gold (copper) yellow. The filters are mostly round.
thermometer forehead
Forehead thermometer temperature measurement sensor structure hole, a pyroelectric sensor used for human body induction, security alarm and flame detection.

Pyroelectric sensors are mostly 3-pin, some models have 4/6 pins, and the conduction requirements are low, the pins are mostly bright silver, and the filters are mostly square.

By distinguishing infrared temperature sensors above, it is basically possible to determine whether the forehead thermometer and ear thermometer are true or false. Of course, real gold is not afraid of fire. Users can obtain obvious results by testing different temperatures and comparing the standard forehead thermometer.

Forehead thermometer turned out to be a small market. The monthly shipments were around 1 million. After the Spring Festival, the market demand suddenly increased to 20 million because of the need for epidemic prevention. But the thermopile sensor required by the forehead infrared thermometer is not like a mask which can be produced by buying a new machine. Starting from the wafer, the chip has to go through multiple process links, and some key packaging processes require additional machinery and equipment. Therefore, it is impossible to supply large quantities quickly. The thermopile sensors that will be put into production after the holiday will be available in large quantities around the end of March. Therefore, the real goods available on the market in February and March are all the previous stocks, and the quantity is very small. In addition, some people have hoarded the goods, which caused the price to soar, and there is no market for the price. Therefore, a large part of the factories that can supply large quantities now use pyroelectric sensors as probes. Please purchasers, especially government orders, keep your eyes open, do n’t be fooled, and also call on everyone to be patient and wait In about two weeks, thermopile sensors were shipped in large quantities. At that time, procurement was economical and guaranteed.

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