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Advantages and specific uses of hook loop straps

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With the development of technology, the application of hook loop straps has been gradually popularized in our life and is closely related to our life. Different from the traditional textile accessories and connecting accessories, hook loop straps have the following advantages:
hook loop straps
Practicability: the price of hook loop straps are cheap and affordable, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Light weight: Hook loop straps feature the advantages of light weight for the main material of  them are light weight nylon. Them can be easily fixed in some places, such as clothes, shoes and some smooth materials.

hook loop straps

Easy to wash and durable: Another feature of this material is that it is very durable and can be washed and used repeatedly. And it's easy to clean, because most of these materials are made of nylon and polyester.
Versatility: Hook loop straps can be used in various industries for a variety of purposes. For example, it can be used in clothes instead of buttons, shoes instead of ties, neckline or bags instead of zippers, and some sports equipment and medical equipment. 

Spacesuit: Hook loop strap is one of the most widely used materials in space shuttle and aircraft. These straps can fix some metal plates and other equipment with smooth surface which are not easy to fix. It can also be used to make the connection accessories on the spacesuit and fix the spacesuit.

hook loop straps

Low maintenance: the maintenance cost of the hook loop straps is not high, because it is very durable and can be used repeatedly. The straps can be sealed and torn many times. It also rarely needs to be replaced, only occasionally needs to be cleaned up.

Ease of use: One of the most important benefits of a hook loop straps is its ease of use. It can be easily stripped from each other and used together again.

hook loop straps

Fasteners: Hook loop straps can be used to make fasteners for home carpets and office space, and can be used to fix carpets and office supplies that are not easy to place. It can also be used to fix the seat or the seat cushion on the seat. It can also be used in the hanging and placing of some kitchenware in the kitchen, as well as the placing and fixing of other kitchen accessories.
Bundle items together: the hook loop straps can also be used to bundle small items together and connect some items. The operation is simple and convenient, and the space and cost can be saved

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