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2019-nCoV spreads globally and poses a serious threat to the physical and mental health of people around the world. When we go out, it is best to wear a mask to prevent virus infection. However, many people often wear mask respirator incorrectly because of some details when using masks. Today I will introduce the correct method of wearing masks
mask respirator
Before wearing the mask respirator, and before and after taking off the mask, you must wash your hands; make the mask respirator close to the face: ① the colored side faces outward and the side with the metal sheet is facing up; ② fasten the rope that fixes the mask, or put the mask respirator on The rubber band is wrapped around the ear to make the mask respirator close to the face; ③ The nose and chin should be completely covered; ④ Press the metal piece on the mask respirator along the sides of the bridge of the nose to make the mask respirator close to the face.

After wearing the mask respirator, avoid touching the mask respirator to prevent the protection from being reduced. If you must touch the mask respirator, wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching it. When taking off the mask respirator, try to avoid touching the outer part of the mask as this part may be contaminated with germs. After taking off the mask respirator, put it in a tape or paper bag, and put it in a covered trash can. The mask respirator is changed at least once a day. If the mask is damaged or soiled, it should be replaced immediately.

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