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How to select resistance band?

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There are many types of resistance band, which can be used for strength training, stretching or rehabilitation
Therefore, your fitness goals will determine which resistance band is best for you.

1, Stretch and treat the flat resistance band
flat resistance band
Flat resistance band is the main tool of rehabilitation training, and is a popular physical therapy training tool.

The width of these flat resistance bands is usually about 120 cm long and 15 cm wide, without handles, with both ends open and without forming a closed loop.

Turn over the field: reshaping, upper limb function training, functional training.

2, Tubular resistance band with handle
11 pcs resistance band
The tubular drag band is made of hard, dense rubber and is hard to grasp. Therefore, they usually have handles for ease of use.

Some tubular resistance bands may also have sports mountaineering buckles, which can be used as accessories and can be combined with various shapes of handles. This feature makes fastener elastic band become the choice of many professionals and lovers.

Application: rehabilitation, shaping, strength training, functional training, with various levels of resistance, can meet all levels of fitness needs.

3, Resistance loop band
resistance band
The ribbon is connected in a complete circle like a large rubber band.

According to the length and thickness of the annular belt, it can be divided into regular size and mini belt. Both options are suitable for the lower half of the movement.

Application fields: rehabilitation, lower limb training, strength training auxiliary training (such as playing an auxiliary role in the pull-up training), functional training.

Regular size resistance loop band: regular size resistance loop band is suitable for upper and lower body movements. About 120cm long, they can help you with chest movements, pull ups and so on.

Mini band: the impedance of mini band is less than that of traditional ring band. And it's very small in the pocket. They are ideal tools for hip exercises. Mini belts are great for increasing resistance to weight exercise.

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