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Is the UV sanitizer box effective for 2019-nCoV

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In 2020, a new coronavirus pneumonia, 2019-nCoV, will break out globally. Because of its powerful and rapid infectivity, it has attracted extensive attention. Therefore, "disinfection" has become a high-frequency vocabulary in life. People are concerned about how to prevent viruses and eliminate them. Various disinfection and sterilization tools have received extensive attention. The sanitizer box is popular with everyone because of its good anti-virus performance. Can uv sanitizer box eliminate 2019-nCoV?


The 2019-nCoV is novel coronavirus, which is sensitive to heat and ultraviolet. The novel coronavirus is usually killed by ultraviolet lamp for more than 30 minutes in most hospitals.


Ultraviolet sanitizer box for daily sterilization

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It is generally believed that the toilet cover is the dirtiest with bacteria content of 100000 / cm2, but what we don't know is that the bacteria on the surface of our daily mobile phone is as high as 120000 / cm2, the razor is 1.2 million / cm2, and the bacteria content of toothbrush is 2.5 times of the toilet cover. The powder puff that girls often use is also "dirty" than the toilet cover. Experts say the new coronavirus can survive on masks for five days.


We wash our hands and disinfect when we go to the bathroom, but we often don't have mobile phones, powder puffs, masks and keys. One is trouble, the other is that we can't find the right disinfection tools.

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The marketing of multi-functional sanitizer box solves this puzzle very well. With the latest uvc-led ultraviolet disinfection lamp post, the sterilization rate of personal small items such as mobile phones, masks, puffs, keys, pacifiers, bracelets, watches and so on is as high as 99.9%.


It is easy to operate. Once in and out, sterilization can be completed in 5 minutes. It is practical and can effectively kill E.coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, new coronal pneumonia virus, influenza virus, etc. Whether you are going to work, travel or shopping, you can take it with you.


When I arrived at work, I took off my mobile mask and put it in for sterilization. Before and after eating, I put the mask in for sterilization once. Before I went home and entered the house, besides the medical alcohol for disinfection of clothes and hands, I also put the key, mobile phone and earphone in the sanitizer box for sterilization once. I feel at ease! Get up in the morning, girl's powder puff, make-up brush also go in one key sterilization, skin is better! Wearing masks for a long time, I believe that everyone has skin problems of large and small size, such as acne, acne, etc. if the masks are put in for disinfection, the skin problems can be reduced or avoided, and the service life of the masks can be prolonged when the masks are in short supply.

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