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North ski backpack: with it you can really do whatever you want!

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In every ski resort, strong ramps and rapid dives will bring great thrills. But usually these places are full of crowded wet ice and snow. This means that when you climb to the summit, you need to carry all your equipment on your back! Today's North ski backpack solves the problem of carrying snow gear!

This 26L ski backpack is designed with the needs of outdoor ski enthusiasts fully considered. The waterproof nylon structure with excellent quality is adopted. And the interior is equipped with a storage system and shoulder straps, so you can easily carry large objects: ski boots, helmets, etc. to the outside of the backpack.
ski backpack
This backpack also has a professional built-in pocket, which can place tools and repair required accessories, so that you can start repair and maintenance work in the field without any obstacles. And it is equipped with a snow mirror bag with multiple accessible points and wear-resistant areas. Let you better use it outdoors
ski backpack
At present, this backpack has been popular on our website. Please contact us if you need it!

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