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Why use a ski straps?

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You can choose to use ski straps or ski carrier to help store and carry your ski gear, which one do you like?

Every ski enthusiast wants to carry skis easily, but in reality this is often difficult to do. You will eventually drag them up hard. Wearing ski boots and walking with a snowboard It can be difficult to carry skis while wearing ski boots. Ski straps can solve this problem easily.
ski straps

What are ski straps? Ski starps are two straps that hold skis together. Putting everything together and tying them  together can help you better carry skis and poles on your shoulders.

ski starps

Ski straps are made of long, strong nylon or hook loop straps that you can use to tie skis together. Ideal for transporting or storing skis.

In addition, when you pack your skis into your ski bag, they will rattle inside. This can easily cause wear on the surface of the skis and may even cause damage to the them and make them weak. At this time, using two soft ski straps to wrap them can provide a good cushioning, and the protective material between the skis prevents them from rubbing against each other during bumpy mountain biking.
ski straps
In summary, the ski straps are great ski accessories, and you'd better carry them in your pocket just in case. Once you use ski straps, you will understand how easy it is to carry skis and poles

Oh! One last thing, you can easily put ski straps in your pockets when you attach your skis to your feet!

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