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New Products of hook and loop---V-Face lifting

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Women Shape V-Face Sleep Face lifting artifact

As everyone knows, women want to have a perfect body, a beautiful face. But not everyone is born with a oval face. If you are also worried about your face, you are eager to change yourself, and you don't want to risk the plastic injection, then look down.

V Face lifting

You just need to wear our products every night like the girls in the picture, and for a few months, you can have a oval face.

It can be effectively control intradermal fat cells, and volume expansion of soft tissues such as muscles, and it is very elastic, ultra-thin, super breathable. Whats more, it is can accelerate facial blood circulation. You must havent thought that it can still facial, mandibular skin grafting, compression and depression, and can be used as a fixed object.

V-Face lifting

The steps of use it

Firstly, wash your face clean.

Secondly, wear it and take off 30~40 minutes later. (Skin will be in a sweat with warm).

Finally, wash your face again.

V-Face lifting

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