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What's point redemption scheme?

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The fourth happy conference of Hongxiangwen’s point redemption scheme was held successfully


At 9:30 am on August 11, 2018, Hongxiangwen and Feifan lighting held the fourth happy meeting of point redemption scheme at Xiangling art center in Shenzhen.


Management methods of point redemption scheme was introduced a year ago and has been shown to largely motivate employees to work hard. It implements the comprehensive quantitative assessment of the 360 degrees for employees, through her state of mind, work performance, performance results, and the sense of responsibility, dedication to develop good behavior, in order to forming a good atmosphere and enterprise culture, and point is also a person's account of virtue. The greater the numerical point account, comprehensive performance is better, its easy to be appreciated by all the staffs and leadership . And then it can be linked to a variety of benefits.

The meeting is organized around the word "happy". There are not only energetic dances, but also ballad . These games played by all the members narrowed the distance between the boss and the staff, which made the atmosphere of the meeting all the more exciting. Of course, the most anticipated is still the process of extracting lucky gifts through points, five months of accumulation in exchange for this surprise. The company provided excellent employees with massager, Bluetooth speakers, lamps, lipstick, snacks and other exquisite gifts, and thanks for their hard work and selfless dedication all the time. In addition  to generous benefits for those with high scores, there is a "Roses given" award, which indicates the winner has the ability to find excellence in others and to appreciate them.

Through this activity, the employees showed their other side of rigorous work, and they should laugh and be full of energy in their youth, bringing this kind of good feeling of gratitude into their future work. Bosses also used the occasion to demonstrate the company's philosophy of letting good employees get what they deserve. As long as the staff pay, create value, the company will give the same return.

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