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Stories of luggage handle wrap

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Regarding the benefits of luggage handle wrap, they have something to say.

Maybe you have the same confusion as they do.


I have a plastic hard case for some heavy gear with a very poorly-designed handle. The handle has ridges in the bottom of it which always dig into my hand and leave marks after I carry the case only a short way. I've been thinking about simply wrapping the handle in a bunch of duck tape, but I didn't want the resulting stickiness that squishes out of the duck tape over time.

These hook and loop handle wraps are made of sturdy neoprene fabric, and the hook and loop is very secure. I wrapped two around the handle, one on top of the other, and they're holding up to a lot of use pretty well. 

luggage handle cover

Mark Tuan

I recently had all my luggage lost or stolen on a flight. I decided I needed to do everything possible to prevent that from happening again as it turned into a complete nightmare. Since the incident I purchased a new carry on suitcase and wanted something to make mine stand out from the rest.

These colorful hook and loop handle wraps fit perfectly on the handle. I figure having a bright colored handle sticks out enough that someone wouldn't accidentally mix it up for theirs and walk off with it. I haven't used this for checked luggage but will in the near future. I would think this would make your bag easier to spot when going around the luggage belt for pick up. Again, I would hope the colored handle would stick out enough to keep people from grabbing your bag instead of theirs.

luggage handle cover

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