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Top Sunglasses Straps (HXW) 

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we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of our most cherished preppy accessories, sunglasses and sunglasses straps. 

It’s a beautiful marriage, isn’t it? The perfect combination of fashion and function. After all, sunglasses are a vital accessory in any prep’s wardrobe, but what good are they if you always forget, or lose, or damage them? This is where HXW Prep comes in. 

neoprene eyeglass straps

Discover why you should choose Top Sunglasses Straps (HXW)! 

- Heavy duty neoprene material 
- Maximum level of comfort 
- Adjustable Strap 
- Sleek and modern design 

Amazing Anti-Slip Strap – Guaranteed! 

Top Sunglasses Straps (HXW) is made of high grade neoprene material which is lightweight, durable and softly comfortable.

Neoprene is used for many products in contact with water such as wetsuits. It provides the following benefits:

- it is stretch,

- it perfectly adheres to the shape of the head

- it is water resistant

- it is quickly-drying

- it provides buoyancy to the sunglasses to find them more easily when dropped in water

You are guaranteed to always have your sunglasses in place even during the hardest activities, both indoor and outdoor. It also comes with a very eclectic and breathable design that will bring such a cooler edge to your look.

 It is definitely a must-have item for biking, racing, camping, hiking, and many more even as a gift! 

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