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Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

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Both men and women alike can make use of this gun holster, which can be ordered for right hand or left hand draw and is sized so that one size fits all. Keep in mind that neoprene is the material of choice for making knee and back braces, for their extra comfortable fit. There is even an extra pocket where you can store an extra magazine and a retention strap for extra support. However, if you prefer speed over support, the retention strap can easily be cut off and discarded.

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If you have more than one firearm, and like to carry different ones on different occasions, then this is definitely the holster you need to have. In addition to all this, it is a concealed carry weapon holster that you can wear under just about anything that does not normally give you the option to carry a weapon: sweat pants, shorts, dresses, skirts and more. The versatility of ways in which to wear this holster also makes it a great idea, as different outfits might warrant altering the way that it is worn. In any event, this concealed carry belly band remains a classic to this day.

Not only is it constructed of the incredibly comfortable yet extremely durable neoprene, it also makes carrying different guns an easy task. You might want to carry one gun on one particular day, yet another gun, small or larger, on a different day.

It also designed to provide the shooter with the freedom and conceal your weapon in the most efficient way possible. You can wear it underneath a t-shirt or a shirt without any worrying about divulgation.


The belly band holster can be worn it in many positions, such as inside or outside the waistband, cross body, behind the hip, small of the back, and even high up like a shoulder holster.

It is perfect for any activity the owner may undergo, for instance, running, hiking, jumping. The holster has a smart design which retention strap made by magnetic snap instead of a metal clip.

You can draw your gun quickly with using only one hand, and the gun will never jostle out because of these physical activities.

There is also an additional pocket given if you want to carry extra ammo, ID card or your cell phone

Moreover, I extremely like the waterproof, and a million micro hole on the surface which lets your skin breathe freely, limit sweating.

When you started using it, you should take a few hours to break it in by hands, after expansion, it becomes more comfortable to wear.

The HXW band holster is one of the best belly band holsters for the money, and you may find that you’ll use it more than you anticipated.

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