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The company held the new employee apprenticeship ceremony

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On April 25th, Hongxiangwen Hook & Look Co, .Ltd held a ceremony of apprenticeship with traditional Chinese cultural characteristics. Arwen, who has just joined the company, is about to worship our old employee Nancy as a teacher. The specific process is as follows:

1. Master Nancy is seated, and the apprentice steps forward to bow to the tea

Bow to the master

2. The apprentice swears: "One bow, thank the master for the hard work. Two bows, earnestly learn service skills, and three bows, work hard to produce results early."

respect tea

3. Apprentices respect tea(The apprentice invites the master to have tea)

4. The master drinks tea

5. The master makes a promise to accept the disciples: 

Master: "I promise to give you what I have learned and do my best to you. I hope you will study hard, finish your apprenticeship, and become an official member of Hongxiangwen."

6. Please apprentice to make a grateful promise:
Apprentice: "Thank you Master for your teaching, I must study hard, finish my apprenticeship as soon as possible, and use the skills you teach in practical work, thank you Master."
7. Apprentice presents gift to master (self-prepared gift)

8. The disciples took a photo with the master.

Group photo of all participants

Group photo of all participants

The formation of Chinese customs of apprenticeship is mainly influenced by the Confucian teaching and learning regulations, which can be traced back to Confucius ’practice of accepting disciples and evolved from it. In modern times, Chinese traditional medicine and traditional arts still adopt the methods of apprenticeship and skills transfer.

The purpose of accepting students and apprentices is to clarify the responsibilities and obligations of both parties, ensure the apprentices have indeed achieved something. The responsibilities and obligations of the mentor and apprentice are mostly regulated and limited by the rules and regulations of various industries and specific contracts.

The apprenticeship ceremony strengthened the new employees' sense of identity and belonging to the company, and laid a good foundation for their future work. We also look forward to this new force growing with the company and prospering together!

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