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Small and convenient UV sterilizer box from hongxiangwen

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Recently, hongxiangwen Co., Ltd. developed the new sterilizer box. Small size, safe and convenient use, provides a very convenient way for our daily use of mobile phones, watches, masks and other disinfection. It only takes 5 minutes to achieve 99% sterilization.

The package of this sterilizer is designed like a solid color box. The general appearance of the sterilizing box can be seen on the front. The following are the main features of the box: wireless charging and fragrance disinfection.

sterilizer box

There are still a lot of accessories in the sterilizer box. The instruction manual, warranty card, charging line and both are quite considerate

sterilizer box (6).jpg


The appearance of the UV sterilizer box adopts an oval design instead of a right angle design. It's round and looks large. After all, it's a three-dimensional size of 22.5cm * 12.5 * 5cm, which is quite portable in the bag. On both sides of the disinfection box are led lights and logos.

sterilizer box (10).jpg

At the bottom of the box is the groove, which is convenient to open the actual buckle or relatively tight. The charging port is hidden under the groove.

sterilizer box.jpg

In order to maintain the stability of the box, the bottom of UV sterilizer box also has a lot of things, four rubber anti-skid pads ensure the fixation, and the product information label makes people

understand the information again.

sterilizer box.jpg

After opening the sanitizer box, you will see that the bin is still relatively large, which can hold a lot of electronic products, even if the six inch mobile phone is free of pressure.

sterilizer box.jpg

There are ultraviolet lamps on both sides of the inner bin. When the power is on, the UV lamps on both sides will work to disinfect.

sterilizer box (3).jpg

There is an aromatherapy diffusion box in the upper right corner of the sterilizer box. By placing perfume, you can make the disinfectant smell good. This function is good.

sterilizer box.jpg

During the epidemic period, we should pay more attention to the disinfection of household items. This miniaturized sterilizer box can be sterilized in five minutes. UV light will not cause damage to items.

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