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New trend of “online exhibition”

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Exhibition is one of the important ways for enterprises to promote their own products, catch the wind direction of the industry and carry out cooperation and exchange. During the epidemic prevention period, traditional offline exhibitions cannot be held. Reducing the impact of the epidemic on the exhibition industry and moving the offline exhibition to the online will not only be a good way to break the situation, but also to some extent solve the urgent needs of enterprises.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, various domestic institutions have provided a new platform for foreign trade enterprises to communicate and negotiate business through the way of "online exhibition". On the relevant page of "cloud Exhibition", when the buyer selects the intended products, he can quickly understand the real situation of the supplier's products through the rich media information such as product photos, descriptions, videos and 360 ° panoramic pictures of the factory presented on the online virtual exhibition page, as if "factory inspection" on the line. Online exhibitions make full use of 5g, live broadcast, VR and other new technical means to move offline exhibitions to online, realizing the function of traditional exhibitions.

At the first 2020 global textile cloud exhibition held recently, many enterprises successfully connected with intended customers through live broadcast. According to the introduction, all operations of the online exhibition are in the cloud. The purchasers can choose the exhibits they want to see, interact with the exhibitors live, and purchase and order directly through the exhibits page. Live broadcast can be viewed on the computer, mobile web page and app. During the exhibition, Honghui home textile is broadcast live every day, and it can also be increased by shaking the tiktok and "live cloud show" live broadcast.

In addition, VR technology allows customers to see product details and even factory conditions through the screen. Click to enter the "online exhibition" of foreign trade built by "Global trade", and you can view the full picture of the goods in the VR sample room. "Global trade" also launched enterprise class VR factory application services, which can break through the time and geographical restrictions, and allow potential customers to visit factories and experience products and services as if they were on site.

Online exhibition is not only a way for Chinese exhibition institutions and enterprises to break through the epidemic situation, but also a global trend. Facebook announced at the end of February that it would cancel the F8 developers' live conference in San Jose, California in May, and later announced that the F8 would be replaced by an online conference. Apple's summer developer conference, WWDC, also changed to live online.

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