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Advantages Of Adhesive Hook Loop Tape In Daily Life

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Adhesive hook loop tape is based on ordinary hook loop tape and special hook loop tape. It has the common characteristics of both. The adhesive is melted on the back of ordinary hook loop strap and special hook loop tape by high-temperature back glue hot-melt machine, and then a layer of oily release paper is pasted on it, which is the finished adhesive hook loop tape. It is widely used in our life, whether in clothing or in various electronic industries, we can see its figure, it has brought us a lot of convenience, it has many advantages, the following list of its advantages.


adhesive hook loop tape

1. It is easy to use and fast. It is very convenient for us to tear the adhesive or tear it. Because the cost is not high, the price of the adhesive loop tape is also very cheap. It can be said that it is a real good quality and low price.


2. Because of people's personalized needs, there are many colors, and the environmental protection materials used are not easy to fade. It can play a good role in fixing and bonding, but also increase the beauty of goods, very practical.

Adhesive hook loop tape

3. The release paper on the back of the adhesive hook loop tape is very sticky. After the hook surface and the wool surface are attached together, the fixed articles are not easy to fall off. Using it to fix wires and cables not only has remarkable fixing effect, but also has good insulation effect and is very safe.

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