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What Are The Advantages of Hongxiangwen's Hook Loop Straps?

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Hook loop straps are one of the common products in daily life. With the continuous expansion of the application field and the continuous development and production of manufacturers, the demand for hook loop straps has gradually increased. Why do more and more buyers choose Hongixiangwen's hook loop straps? What are the advantages compared to other manufacturers? Let us briefly understand.

一: Stronger stickiness
The glue used in the hook loop straps produced is imported PUR glue, which has higher adhesion than ordinary pur glues used by other manufacturers, which can better ensure the fastness of the product and ensure that the customer will not fall off when using it. Layers, glue separation and other phenomena.
hook loop strips
二: Can be customized
Customers can adopt a variety of matching methods. They can print the logo and adopt die cutting or slitting according to their needs. They can be rolled according to the required width and length. It is convenient for customers to use or sell directly.

三: Reasonable price and variety
We strictly control production costs, and at the same time conduct reasonable price positioning, and do not maliciously raise prices, so that more customers can buy high-quality, multi-specification, and low-price hook loop straps.
hook and loop tape

These are what Hongxiangwen has been doing, and they are also the reasons why many customers choose and trust us. Therefore, customers with purchasing needs are welcome to contact us at any time.

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