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Why Are The Adhesive Hook Loop Straps No Longer Sticky?

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Adhesive hook loop straps are necessities in our lives. They are necessary in many places, such as daily necessities, dressing, shoes and hats. Adhesive hook loop straps have a huge effect. For example, there will be a snap button device in front of a common sun hat. However, the number of button is limited, and if the size is too small, they will not be able to be snapped. The application of adhesive hook loop straps can solve this problem. The cap can be glued to any position, which is extremely convenient, and it is not easy to tear off once it is attached, which meets our application needs. However, this product is a consumable, it will be damaged during our application, and it will become non-sticky. Let's take a look at the reason why it is caused.

Why are adhesive hook loop straps not sticky
1. Application environment: This product has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and flame retardancy, and its ability to adapt to the external environment is unusually large. However, when faced with some specific situations, it has no effect. For example, there is a lot of dust or corrosive liquid in the surrounding environment, which will have an adverse effect on the hook loop straps. The dust will make the glue of the product become non-sticky, which is very easy to fall off, and the corrosive liquid will destroy the product. , A break occurs at the moment of application.

2. Material made: In the final analysis, quality is the guarantee. The same material we use when making hook loop straps is nylon. This material is extremely environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful substances. However, there are many merchants on the market that sell products that are of poor quality, which requires us to look for big brands when buying.

adhesive hook loop straps

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