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Applicable Scope of Hook Loop Straps

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If you want to know the applicable scope of hook loop straps, you must first understand the products of hook loop straps. Let's take a look first.
hook loop straps with buckle

1: Conventional standard hook loop straps are usually called ordinary hook loop straps, this kind of hook loop straps are the most widely used in clothing , It is used in luggage, shoe materials, sofa, toys and other industries.

2: Now the most popular adhesive hook loop straps, this kind of hook loop straps are now based on the standard hook loop straps, and a layer of hot melt adhesive is evenly applied to the back of the hook loop straps through professional production equipment to adapt to various uses When the environment, different industries and usage are different, the glue is also different.

 adhesive hook loop Straps

There are generally several categories!
1. Adhesive hook loop straps are divided into ordinary hot-melt glues, which have a relatively small melting point and are suitable for low-temperature environments and winter use. They have average adhesion and holding power.
2. The other is high temperature resistant hot melt adhesive, which has a higher melting point and is suitable for use in summer and some high temperature machinery. The hook loop straps feature stronger adhesion and strong holding power after adhesion.
3. There is also a 3M adhesive product, which uses 3M adhesive to cut into corresponding specifications to adhere to the back of the hook loop straps, which is a relatively special high-end processed product

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