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Experts suggest we go cycling and wearing masks to prevent novel coronavirus pneumonia

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Recently, a number of authoritative media reported an interview with Professor Zhang Jinnong, a Chinese expert involved in combating the new crown virus pneumonia, and talked about preventing the global spread of the epidemic. He strongly recommended that you use less public transportation and more bicycles. Just a few days ago, "People's Daily" published an article entitled "Transformation! Protection Recommendations for Returning Workers", in which people were advised to prevent viruses by walking and cycling to work.
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As we all know, bicycles with a history of more than 100 years can be described as a great invention of human society. Riding bicycles can not only exercise, but also help protect the environment. Nowadays, cycling is very popular in Europe and America, cycling is one of the best aerobic fitness methods that the World Health Organization has confirmed as better than running. Bicycling is a very effective sport, which is both fun and the best sport for weight loss. There are many health benefits of long-term adherence to cycling, and it can also extend people's lifespan, which is why the longest-life profession in the world is actually a postman.

Do I need to wear a mask when riding a bike? There is no doubt that it is needed in the current epidemic situation. Regarding cycling, there is a special cycling mask suitable for all cyclists. A good cycling mask not only can prevent dust and fog, but also can effectively prevent viruses.

Hongxiangwen's Unisex Breathable Neoprene Cycling Mask uses KN95 activated carbon filter, which can filter viruses and harmful substances in the air. The double valve design ensures that there is no sultry heat during riding. High-quality neoprene is skin-friendly and comfortable. Our Sport mask certification is complete, the inventory is sufficient, and the price is low.

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