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What protective items do students need to prepare for school?

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Every day looking forward to the start of school, but when the children really want to start school, the parents are still flustered. The epidemic is not over yet, so we should not take precautions.

The first essential for epidemic prevention: Face Mask

After the new crown epidemic, everyone realized the importance of wearing masks. What kind of face mask should I choose for my children at the beginning of school? How often do you change a child's mask?

kids mask

In March, the group standard of "civil health masks" jointly issued by China Textile Industry Federation and China Industrial Textiles Industry Association has separate requirements on the safety, comfort, use materials and mask design of children's masks

According to the standard, suggestions on how to choose children's masks are as follows:
01 do not blindly love N95 masks, which have high protective performance but are not conducive to ventilation, especially for children;
02 it is better to choose ear hung respirator. The respirator shall not have detachable small parts, sharp edges, so as to avoid scratches;
03 there are also large (L), medium (m) and small (s) sizes for children's masks. Small size is generally suitable for 3-6-year-old children, medium size is suitable for 6-9-year-old children, large size is generally recommended for children over 10 years old; Although the gaudy and cartoon masks are beautiful in appearance, the pigments used may not be up to the standard;
05 children must wear masks in public places, schools and other intensive places. It is better to prepare 1-2 masks;

The second essential for epidemic prevention: Disinfection Supplies

At present, the main disinfectant products on the market are 84 disinfectant water and 75% medical alcohol, but for children, they are too young to carry these disinfectant products with them. It is suggested to prepare:
01 alcohol based gel hand sanitizer / disposable hand sanitizer for children to wash their hands before and after meals.
02 75% alcohol wet tissue, which can be used by children to wipe desks, stationery and other supplies at any time.
disposable gloves
The third essential for epidemic prevention: Disposable Gloves
Children are born more lively and active, always like to touch the East and the West. Although the school disinfection work has been done very well, but on the way home from school, it is recommended to prepare some disposable gloves for children, and discard them to the garbage can after disinfection.

The four essential for epidemic prevention: Self Provided Tableware

If the child is eating lunch at school, it is better to prepare a set of tableware for the child. At noon, use your own tableware to eat, and take it home from school for washing and disinfection.

The five essential for epidemic prevention: Name and Seal
If you can, prepare a name stamp for your child. Let him or her put his or her name on all his or her belongings. Children have a strong sense of sharing. Sometimes even masks can be exchanged with good friends. Stamping children's items is also a good way to prevent epidemics.
forehead thermometer
The five essential for epidemic preventionForehead thermometer
Prepare a forehead thermometer to help the child keep a temperature record before and after school. Many times, children don't know where they are uncomfortable, and parents need to carefully observe the changes of children.

The sixth essential for epidemic prevention: Epidemic Prevention Knowledge
Spring is still a period of high incidence of influenza and other childhood infectious diseases. At the beginning of school, parents can help their children to do all the material preparation, but don't neglect to help their children build their cognition of the virus from the psychological level.

I believe that many parents have had the experience of grinding their lips with their children to explain "what is the virus", but when the children have just nodded their heads, they forget all about playing, such as "wash hands", "don't rub eyes", and so on.

Therefore, in order to better protect children's health, we should equip children with protective items at the same time of instilling relevant virus knowledge.

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