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Three principles should be followed in the selection of disposable gloves

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Food safety is very important not only in individual family, but also in food production factory and catering service industry! People often wear disposable gloves in the process of food production. People carry a large number of bacteria on their hands, even including pathogenic bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella. If they eat them carelessly, they will cause foodborne diseases. Disposable gloves can provide a good barrier between hands and bacteria and reduce bacterial infection.

For supervisors in the production process, it is not easy to check whether an employee washed his hands according to the regulations, but they can supervise them by forcing employees to wear gloves, so as to ensure the safety of products.
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There are also regulations on the use of gloves in FDA:
When handling non ready to eat food, staff should expose their hands and arms as little as possible;
Gloves or utensils must be worn when handling food, such as tweezers and scrapers, except for washing fruits and vegetables;
Gloves should be used at one time, and must be discarded when staff handle new tasks or after finishing tasks.

About the usage and management of disposable gloves, the common problems during the audit are: what kind of gloves to wear, storage management of gloves, damage management of gloves, etc.
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How to choose disposable
1.1 principle of selection:
1) Products meeting the standard requirements and within the warranty period
2) Comfortable to wear, flexible to operate, affordable
3) Choose colors that are easy to distinguish from food

1.2 common gloves and performance comparison
1) PE gloves
2) Latex gloves

3) Nitrile gloves

Type Material Advantage Disadvantage
PE gloves polyethylene Low price and light texture Inflexible operation, easy to break
Latex gloves Natural emulsion Fit the hand; easy to wear, good elasticity Latex protein in latex is easy to cause allergy
Nitrile gloves Nitrile rubber Food processing, breeding, planting, catering Anti bacterial and penetration resistant; no allergic reaction

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