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Color separation management of Nitrile Gloves

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Due to the upgrading of internal management and the increasing requirements of users, the color selection of gloves also presents a higher challenge. Previously, nitrile gloves only had one color - blue, no choice but to choose blue. Now the color is rich, enterprises can use different colors to position the company's image and better strengthen internal management.

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In recent years, the color separation management is also a good tool for the field visual management recommended by foreign-funded enterprises. It is widely used in cleaning tool management / workshop turnover container management / Catering color mark management and other scenes in China, which is a powerful supplement to promote the field 5S management.

Gloves are also upgraded with the application of color separation management. The common application scenarios of color separation disposable gloves are as follows:


1) Use according to the posts in different areas:
Different areas customize the use of gloves with specific colors according to the cleanliness to bring better on-site management and control. The color of gloves of all employees in the area is consistent, which can improve the overall image.


2) Distinction between allergen and non allergen products in production:
In the same production area, the same production line may have the switch of allergen and non allergen material processing. The use of nitrile gloves of different colors before and after the switch can better reduce the potential cross risk and help the internal fine management upgrade. It is suggested that the processing of allergen materials can be green nitrile, and the processing of non allergen materials can use blue nitrile.

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3) Image display of specific posts:
The factory customer experience area, dining area, laboratory, etc. can choose nitrile gloves of different colors from those in the production to bring more direct visual image experience to employees or customers.

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