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The disposable gloves are clearly not broken, why does the oil still penetrate?

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In the daily use of disposable gloves, do you have such doubts: the gloves are clearly intact, why is my hand still stuck to water and oil? First of all, during the synthesis of low-density polyethylene, a chain transfer reaction occurred, and many branches were born on the molecular chain. These branches prevent the molecular chains from being neatly arranged, which creates a problem that the density is low.

There are gaps between the polymer segments and the segments in the plastic film, and these gaps are larger than the oil molecules, so the oil naturally permeates over time. In addition, because many plastic bags are now designed to reduce environmental pollution, they are designed to be easily decomposed, and there are many small holes on them, which is very unfriendly to users of disposable gloves.
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Secondly, it is also a more important reason, similar to the principle of miscibility.

Most of edible oils are non-polar molecules, and the constituent molecules of plastic products such as disposable gloves are also non-polar molecules. According to the similar compatibility principle in chemistry, non-polar molecules can be dissolved into each other. So the molecules of the food oil enter the low-density polyethylene molecular chain, and then drill into the other side and intimately contact your fingers, it is a very easy thing. Therefore, not only disposable gloves, plastic bags, plastic bags, etc. will have oil leakage!

In addition, many people think that it is not correct to wear disposable gloves without washing hands.
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When wearing new gloves, the hands carrying bacteria and germs touching the outer surface of the gloves will contaminate the gloves. On the other hand, after removing the gloves, the hands that accidentally touched the gloves will also be contaminated.

In addition, according to the survey of the American Society for Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), many reports on the variability of the quality of gloves say that 4% to 63% of vinyl gloves (film gloves) and 3% to 52% of rubber gloves are invisible penetration.

Therefore, wearing gloves does not completely shield pathogenic microorganisms. It is best to wash your hands before and after wearing them.

In addition to the disposable gloves used in the catering industry, in order to meet the needs of various industries, the materials of disposable gloves are also varied.

Disposable nitrile gloves are generally used in cleaning, chemical, auto repair, beauty and other industries;
Disposable latex gloves are generally used in medical, dental, laboratory, industrial labor insurance and other industries;
Disposable vinyl gloves are commonly used in the food processing industry.

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