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New replaceable silicone mask will be mass produced soon

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Replaceable silicone mask

silicone mask

This kind of mask is made of silica gel, and only need to change the filter of the mask after use This is the replaceable silicone mask that will be mass produced by our company. On March 19, we arrived at the company for an interview. Under the condition of shortage of epidemic prevention materials, the company used the advantages of silica gel business to produce replaceable protective masks.

"The company's masks fit children's skin and face better." Fan Guang, general manager of the company, said that the silicone material is not only comfortable, but also more convenient to clean. After each use, only need to replace the protective gasket, more energy-saving and environmental protection.
silicone mask
Set up production line to "produce" new masks

On the same day, we can see from the company's dust-free mask production workshop that a silicone mask with different materials from the ordinary mask is in small batch trial production on the production line.

The process director of the product told reporters that the new product is a new type of silicone mask developed and produced by the company's project team. Using the original dust-free workshop, the silica gel mask production line has been built up, with a capacity of 200000 in the future. The mask can reduce the excess consumption of melt blown cloth (the main raw material of disposable mask) and simplify the production process of mask, which is about three times higher than the production capacity of traditional mask.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, protective masks have become an important epidemic prevention material. Traditional masks are in short supply due to the shortage of upstream raw materials. In order to help fight the epidemic, silica gel company began to plan to "transfer" the production of masks at the beginning of the year. On February 3, after the smooth resumption of production, the company's mask production and R & D team was established. After more than one month's R & D, the company's R & D team tested dozens of designed silica gel masks, improving the uncomfortable wearing of masks.

Production workshop

Comfortable to wear and reusable

With the help of various innovative technologies in hand, the company gave full play to the advantages of scientific and technological innovation and launched a new batch of protective masks. While solving the problem of insufficient production capacity of existing masks, it improved the disinfection and sterilization ability of masks, prolonged the use time of masks, and alleviated the shortage of masks with science and technology.

Soft, good fit, is the most intuitive feeling of this silicone mask. "The silicone mask not only won't cause skin allergy, but also can relieve the pressure on the opposite side of the mask. It's comfortable to wear, especially suitable for children." Fan Guang said.

The material is the biggest feature of this mask. The high specification silica gel can be used for water washing and high-temperature cooking.

The person in charge of the company said that this design will not produce secondary pollution such as hanging rope and metal of disposable mask, which is green and environmental friendly; moreover, the filter element part is only one sixth of the size of the traditional mask filter screen, which is equivalent to that more than three filter elements can be made from one mask material, which greatly saves material consumption. At present, the company has applied for patent for masks. Next, the company's protective masks will be gradually put into the market.

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