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Will you use non contact thermometer correctly?

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At present, temperature measurement has become an important means of epidemic prevention and control. Because non contact thermometer has many advantages, such as easy to use, fast and efficient, avoiding cross infection and so on, it is widely used in airport, railway station, supermarket, community and other places where people gather for temperature detection and screening. Correct use is the key to get accurate results, otherwise it may cause measurement errors. Because the temperature measurement of non contact thermometer is easily affected by the surrounding environment, we are reminded to follow the following methods:
non contact forehead thermometer
1. Switch and measurement are the same key. Press the "switch / measure" key to start the machine and enter the standby mode; press the "switch / measure" key to measure in the standby mode, and the measurement can be completed only when the temperature is displayed on the screen or the prompt tone is over, with a time of about 1 second.

2. When measuring, pull out the hair, avoid blocking and wipe off the sweat, aim at the center of the forehead, with a distance of 3-5cm, and pay attention to that the thermometer cannot move away from the position where the temperature is measured before the measurement is completed.

3. When the measured person comes from a place with a large difference from the measured ambient temperature, he shall stay in the measurement environment for at least 5 minutes, and then measure after the temperature is consistent with the ambient temperature, otherwise the measurement results will be affected.
non contact thermometer
4. If the patients with fever sweat on their forehead, use cold compress and take other cooling measures, the measurement results will be low; if they apply heat on their forehead or near the heat source, the measurement results will be high. We should pay attention to inquire and observe the above conditions to avoid missed diagnosis.

5. When the non contact thermometer is taken out for use from the place with great difference from the ambient temperature to be tested, the product shall be placed in the use environment for 20 minutes before use.

6. The surrounding environment of the tested person shall be stable and cannot be measured in places with large air flow, such as fan, air conditioner outlet, etc.

7. Avoid using a non contact thermometer in direct sunlight.

8. It is recommended to measure body temperature 3 times, with the interval of 3-5 seconds, whichever is the most displayed data. The body surface temperature is about 36.3-37.2 ℃. If temperature abnormality is found, final confirmation shall be made by axillary measurement with mercury thermometer.

9. Shut down: shut down automatically without operation for 30 seconds or press the "switch / measurement" key for more than 3 seconds.


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