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What are the types of the ejection hook?

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There are three types of hooks for hook loop strap: 2 # thin hook, 3 #double hook and 4 # thick hook, all of which are made of all nylon materials by injection molding.

2 # and 4 # hook are the same, both of them are rrr shaped, 4 # is bigger than 2 #. 3 # hook is double hook, YYY type. Different hook types can be used on different products. 

2 # ejection hook is suitable for baby Cape, baby clothes, etc
3# ejection hook is suitable for high-grade clothes and so on;
4# is suitable for high-grade tents, backpacks, etc;
ejection hook
They can be mixed and used, but the effect is not so good. At the same time, there are three kinds of loop surfaces to match the hook, namely, the adhesive cloth, the unbrush hoop and the ordinary hoop. 2 # hook and 3 # hook with adhesive cloth have good stickiness, with other stickiness in general. 4 # ejection hook with ordinary hook has strong stickiness.

You can choose the hook type suitable for your products according to your products. 
Shenzhen Hongxiangwen Hook&Look Company specializes in the production of all kinds of hook and loop strap, injection hook, adhesive cloth and their derivatives. Black and white and transparent colors are available in stock for a long time, and can be customized in small quantities.

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