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DIY armband: the magic of back to back hook and loop

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The back to back hook and loop is a kind of hook loop straps with a small elastic hook on one side and a loop fabric on the other. This structure makes this new type of material "sticky while touch, open while tear". With the old use of back to back hoop and loop, it gradually replaces zippers, hooks, shoelaces, buttons and other products used to stick and fasten items.

back to back hook and loop

Compared with the traditional connecting accessories, back to back hook and loop is more suitable for the fast-paced life trend of modern society. As one of the ten most accidental inventions in the 20th world, the small hook surface and rough surface of hook loop straps have changed the whole world. With the development of production level and production technology, there is more potential for the function of back to back hook and loop.

migic armband

You can always see that there is a good-looking and personalized badge on both sides of the chest or on the arm of the clothes. This kind of fashion was first and most seen in the military clothing. Generally, the national emblem and other individual badges representing their own international will be pasted on all kinds of military articles. Especially now, the armband with back to back hook and loop is used, which can be easily pasted and torn down.

magic armband
In fact, this armband is also very popular in our daily life. You can use this kind of armband to make your own personalized armband clothes. You can stick or tear this armband at any time. When you like another armband, you don't need to change clothes. You just need to have a personal armband you like, stick it on, thus you have customized a different dress. So you can change the armband if you want to. You can create your own personal dress anytime and anywhere with less money.

The back to back hook and loop is very suitable for making this armband. This type of armband is more convenient to pick up, tear it off when you don't want to use it, and stick what kind of armband you want to stick on it, so that we can use it more conveniently and quickly, and pick it freely. For some daily work or students, this kind of armband is more suitable.

The back to back hook and loop is believed to bring more convenient and efficient ways to our life with the progress of society.

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