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Do you know about back to back hook loop strap?

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Back to back hook loop strap, also known as hook loop cable tie, is different from the ordinary cable tie. Ordinary cable ties are equipped with stop back design, which can only be tied more and more tightly. The back to back hook loop strap adopts the principle of magic tape, which is divided into two sides of the hook and loop. One is the tiny and soft fiber - loop surface, the other is the elastic fiber - hook surface 
They stick together easily. Under a certain tension, the elastic hook is straightened, separated from the loop, and then restored to its original shape. They can be repeatedly bonded up to 10000 times
back to back hook loop strap
The hook loop straps are widely used in the position of opening and closing or bucking of various articles. However, traditional hook loop straps are relatively hard and can only bind the fixed size objects.
Now, our company has launched a  back-to-back hook loop strap, which is more convenient to use and can be cut as much as necessary. Customized logo can be printed in to improve the company's product popularity!

back to back hook loop strap

Application of back-to-back hook loop straps

Thry can be used to tie external computer cable, external mouse cable, keyboard cable, network cable speaker cable, headphone cable, various power charger cable, cable, home appliance audio line, wire around the cabinet, so that they are properly structured, orderly, convenient, clean and convenient for cleaning and combing various wires and data lines in the family.

Shenzhen Hongxiangwen Hook & Loop Co., Ltd. is a professional hook loop straps manufacturer dedicated to R & D, production, processing and sales. We have introduced advanced mechanical equipment and perfect production process, specializing in the production of hook loop straps (commonly known as hook loop cable tie), special hook and loop. We has a high-quality R & D and management team, as well as competitive prices. We have won the trust of a large number of well-known customers. Our products are sold to European and American countries.

We provide our customers with a series of hook loop straps: hook loop strap with buckle, hook loop cable tie, adhesive hook loop tape dot (heart-shaped, cloud, square), adhesive hook loop tape roll, back-to-back hook loop strap, elastic straps, ski strap, eject hook loop strap and other hook loop products. Our company can design and produce product according to the customer's requirements, such as slitting, back glue, die-cutting, stamping, silk screen printing, sewing, voltage. Any sizes, shapes and patterns are accepted. Packaging can also be carried out according to customer requirements.

Our products are mainly used in: clothing, shoes and hats, gloves, handbags, bags, sofas, wigs, seat cushions, floor trailers, plastic ponchos, screens, curtains, toys, sleeping bags, baby supplies, audio equipment, sports equipment, medical equipment, tents, children's small wheel car sheath, automobile supplies, vehicle and ship aviation supplies, household supplies, office supplies, plastic hardware products, handicrafts, all kinds of military Industrial products, electronics, wires and cables, electrical appliances, etc. need to be bundled, pasted, packaged and other industries.

We promise to serve our customers sincerely in the principle of mutual benefit, perfect quality, punctual delivery and fair price. Welcome to contact with us.

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