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Want to produce forehead thermometer? It's not as easy as you think!

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the market demand for forehead thermometer has increased sharply. For a while, the supply has been in short supply. Many qualified manufacturers have turned to produce infrared temperature measuring equipment to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

The forehead thermometer is not only a medical product, but also an electronic product. The production of a forehead thermometer requires hundreds of components such as ABS plastic shell, PCB circuit board, IC, resistor, capacitor, infrared sensor, LCD, backlight and battery cord buckle. In addition to the three necessary medical certificates, the basic knowledge of scheme design, product production and other aspects should also be understood.
infrared forehead thermometer
Scheme design and production preparation of forehead thermometer

To design the temperature gun, first of all, we need to have a matching shell, LCD screen, sensor, and product specifications.

1. How many function keys are there in the shell
2. How many feet does the LCD need
3. Is the sensor digital or analog
4. Product specification: what kind of battery power supply, domestic or medical, whether calibration is needed
5. Calibration conditions: constant temperature water bath, adjustable constant temperature room

Basic requirements for production of infrared temperature gun:

1. Precision constant temperature and humidity room
Provide a standard site for 25 degree adjustment of the whole machine. During the commissioning of the whole machine, the infrared thermometer must be placed in the room for more than 1 hour, so that all parts in the machine can reach 25 degrees before the whole machine can be adjusted.

When conditions permit, it can also simulate high and low temperature, high and low humidity environment to test and inspect products. The price of this kind of constant temperature room varies according to different requirements. The cheapest one is tens of thousands yuan, and the better one is more than 100000 yuan.
Or we can use constant temperature oil bath and water bath to calibrate thermistor under constant temperature.

2. Blackbody infrared temperature calibration source
All infrared temperature measurement products need to use this blackbody infrared radiation source to calibrate the temperature accuracy before leaving the factory. This kind of radiation source is divided and integrated. Many of the high-end products are split, and most of the middle and low-end products are integrated.

The price of blackbody is about 10000-20000RMB, and there are over 100000 RMB imported ones. We need to ensure the accuracy.
3. Finished test stand of temperature measuring gun
In order to ensure the consistency and standardization of test distance and angle, the test stand is necessary for the adjustment of mass production. At the same time, the test stand can also improve production efficiency.

4. Other supporting instruments and common tools
CNC precision adjustable power supply, oscilloscope, multimeter, etc.
5. Software burning, writing and adjusting equipment (determine whether it is necessary according to the scheme)
Some schemes are designed to achieve debugging and calibration by the combination of buttons and screens, and some are pure hardware debugging and calibration. This method requires no additional professional debugging equipment, low production efficiency and poor consistency.

Some schemes reserve software interface and use special development and production tools and software for automatic debugging and calibration. This method must be supported by the original chip manufacturer. At the beginning, it was a bit troublesome. But the production efficiency is high and the consistency is good.

If we want to cooperate with the original factory or agent of the scheme, we usually need to sign a contract or advance payment in the early stage, and the original factory or agent will start.

Now, hongxiangwen exports all kinds of forehead thermometers with low price and low starting volume. Welcome to contact us.

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