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How often does the medical mask change? How to save masks?

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Nowadays, the resources of masks around the world are very tight. Many people have not been able to buy masks, or only a small amount of masks are left, so they all want to use masks as sparingly as possible. How often does the medical mask change? How to save masks?

1, How often does the medical mask change?
According to the current general standard, the use time of disposable masks is 4-6 hours, and the effective use time of N95, kn95 and kf94 masks is generally 48 hours.
disposable surgical mask
Generally, the mask needs to be replaced in time when it is used for a long time, because the mask that is used for too long will be blocked by large particles on the mask surface or ultra-fine particles in the gap of the filter material of the mask, resulting in the decrease of filtering efficiency and the rise of respiratory resistance.

However, there is a shortage of mask resources, and for most of the citizens, they are isolated at home as far as possible, without contact with the diagnosed patients, so the use of masks can be appropriately prolonged, without having to change so frequently.

2, How to save masks?
If it is an individual or family member who is alone and has no contact with other people, they may not wear masks. For example, family members are isolated at home, especially those who do not appear in the infected area or in a closed private car, so they dom't need to wear masks.
disposable surgical mask
If you need to go out to a crowded place, such as taking a bus or subway, going to work in the office, shopping in the supermarket, wearing disposable masks or disposable medical mask, you don't need to wear kn95 or N95 masks.

For the general public, even if the disposable mask can be hung in the window after ventilation, it can be reused without contact with patients.

However, in case of damage, poor sealing and water immersion, the mask shall be replaced. In addition, once the medical mask is contaminated by blood or saliva splashes, it must be replaced immediately.

3, Can disposable medical mask be reused?
Depending on the situation, it can be reused in special cases. The mask of non-medical personnel does not need to be used once. It can be replaced according to the cleanliness, and the use time can be longer. When you need to wear a mask every day, it is recommended to use a disposable medical mask. If it gets wet and dirty, it is recommended to replace it. There is no such situation. The mask can be used repeatedly. On the one hand, to avoid more waste, but also to deal with these waste departments to reduce pressure.

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