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What are the requirements for kn95 mask production?

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A new type of coronavirus epidemic has made masks, which had not been valued in the past, instantly become "hard currency" on the market. Open Google search and type "mask", and the result is as many as 135 million. Among them, the KN95 mask, N95 mask that can block droplets, viruses and bacteria is obviously the most popular among many types of masks.


N95: American NIOSH dust mask standard, detailed parameters are consistent with kn95 of China. Kn95 and N95 are just different names, and the protection level of masks produced according to these two standards is exactly the same. You can buy any kn95 or N95 standard mask at ease, and there is no difference in protection effect

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The popularity of masks has also brought unprecedented attention to its production chain. A small mask, especially the KN95 mask, is behind a complete set of industrial chains.
kn95 mask
First of all, KN95 mask is more complicated than ordinary masks in terms of raw materials. The reason why KN95 masks are better than ordinary masks against viruses and bacteria is that the raw materials are melt-blown cloth. Don't underestimate the meltblown cloth, it is the "heart" of the KN95 mask, which is the key material for filtering.

However, due to the limited production capacity of meltblown cloth, many companies that switch to the production of KN95 mask is stuck in the purchase of core raw material meltblown cloth. Restrictions on raw materials have led many transformed manufacturing companies to produce only disposable masks. However, there are a few companies with their own advantages that can produce professional KN95 mask.

Many conditions are required to produce KN95 mask.

First, a number of patented technologies. Technologies such as USpro composite filters and full-effect membranes can remove bacterial viruses up to 99%.
Second, KN95 production environment requirements are also higher than ordinary masks. According to China's national rigid requirements, the production environment of KN95 masks must be carried out in a dust-free workshop of class 100,000 or more. Class 100,000 means that the content of dust particles in each cubic meter of air does not exceed 100,000. Only in this highly clean environment can the KN95 masks be sterile and free from contamination. However, building a 100,000-level dust-free workshop is not easy. Even if you have the intention to build a dust-free workshop, it is difficult for a company without relevant experience to get it done in a short time.
Class 100000 dust free workshop
Finally, the masks produced must meet national standards. Masks need to make large-scale contact with the human's mouth, nose, and facial skin. Therefore, the quality of masks is very high. Most of the KN95 masks on the market are GB2626-2006, but some companies produce KN95 masks based on the new standard GB2626-2019. The new version of the standard is more stringent than the old version in terms of detection methods such as particulate filter, respiratory resistance, and leakage many.

In addition to the above-mentioned raw materials, production environment and standards, the production of a qualified KN95 mask requires a molding machine, mask press, mask trimmer, breathing valve punching machine, nose bridge line fitting machine, ear band Spot welding machines, breathing valve welding machines, sterilization equipment, packaging and other equipment, so don't underestimate a small mask, its production process is not simple.

The effectiveness of China's domestic epidemic prevention and control is beginning to show, but the global epidemic situation is severe, and masks are still a necessity. The frontiers of the epidemic have no borders. With the global masks urgent, our company also actively contacted to find and prepare various protective materials, including KN95 mask, disposable medical mask, etc. We have ample inventory and can ship immediately for long-term supply. Welcome to consult and order.

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