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How short is forehead thermometer in the market?

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According to relevant people, the output of forehead thermometer in China last year was about 15 million units. The epidemic led to a sharp increase in the demand for forehead thermometer, which is about 20 million units. That is to say, taking last year's output into account, the market is estimated to have a gap of 5 million forehead thermometers.
forehead thermometer
In fact, as epidemic prevention materials, the government began to organize the resumption of production for a long time. However, since forehead thermometer is a medical device, the manufacturer must have three medical certificates to be a normal and qualified product. However, these regular factories do not sell out at present, and all orders must have government entrusted purchase documents, resulting in the shortage of the number of Ewen guns circulating in the market.

Market demand surged, so some businesses began to store goods early, and the price of forehead thermometer gradually soared by controlling the shipment volume and price.
forehead thermometer
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