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Can disposable gloves help prevent infection with the new coronavirus?

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During the epidemic of 2019-nCoV, the two points of wearing masks and hand hygiene were popular. Face masks, hand sanitizers, and hand sanitizers are in short supply. In addition, disposable gloves have also entered the homes of ordinary people.

Whether on the street or in the hospital, people often see people wearing disposable gloves for protection. However, can disposable gloves really reduce the risk of infection with new coronaviruses?

New Coronavirus Transmission Path
The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) pointed out that the main transmission routes of the new coronavirus are droplet transmission and contact transmission.

Spread through Droplets
Direct inhalation of droplets containing viruses causes infection, which is called droplet transmission. Prevention through masks.

Spread by Contact
Shaking hands or touching surfaces contaminated with viruses, and then touching the eyes, nose, and mouth to cause infection is called contact transmission. Prevent by washing hands with soap (soap liquid) and running water, or no-hand sanitizer.

Can wearing gloves prevent infection?
Disposable gloves have played an important role in preventing cross-infection in clinic, so for the public, can it play a role in preventing infection?

Wearing gloves, it has a good protection for the hands, will not be exposed to those bacteria and viruses, and does not need to wash hands or disinfect frequently, saving a lot of trouble.

However, although the hands were clean, there was a lot of dirt on the outside of the gloves. So do n’t wear gloves to touch your face

Disposable gloves create an illusion of "safety". We often see people wearing disposable gloves, and then they organize their hair, hold glasses, blow their noses, adjust the position of masks, etc. Instead, they bring these dirty things to us Body. At this time, protecting hands is meaningless.

Do not use disposable gloves repeatedly
Some people repeatedly use disposable gloves. For example, when wearing gloves, the phone rings, removes the gloves to answer the phone, and then puts on the gloves, so that the hands are easily dirty.

When removing gloves, pay attention to the method
Picking gloves is also a little bit careful, be careful not to let the outside of the gloves touch the skin. 

For example, when you want to take off the left-hand glove, you should use your right hand to grasp the outside of the left-hand glove's wrist without touching the skin. Take off this glove and flip out the inner layer of the glove (Figure 1-3 below). Hold the removed glove in the right hand while wearing the glove, and then extend the left hand finger along the right wrist to the inside of the glove, turn the inner layer of the second glove out, wrap the first glove inside, throw (Figure 4-6 below).

disposable gloves

Remember, disposable gloves should not be reused, wash hands after taking off the gloves. This will ensure the hygiene of our hands more reliably.

This time the new coronavirus is relatively infectious, and contact transmission is an important method of transmission. When we go out, we need to pay attention to wearing masks and hand hygiene.

In short, be careful when using disposable gloves: do not touch our face with dirty gloves, and be sure to wash your hands after taking off the gloves.

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