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What's the difference of Latex gloves, PVC gloves and nitrile gloves

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1. Material Difference
Latex gloves are also called rubber gloves. Latex is a natural material, which comes from the juice of rubber trees. Natural latex is a kind of biosynthetic product. Because of different tree species, geology, climate and other relevant conditions, its composition and structure often have huge differences. In the fresh latex without any substance added, rubber hydrocarbon only accounts for 20% - 40% of the total amount, and the remaining small amount is non rubber component and water. There are proteins, lipids, sugars and inorganic components in the non rubber components. Some of them form a composite structure with rubber particles, and some of them dissolve in whey or form non rubber particles. Nitrile gloves are made of nitrile rubber (NBR), which is mainly synthesized from acrylonitrile and butadiene. It is the key material of organic synthesis and pharmaceutical intermediates.
nitrile gloves
2. Classification Difference
The latex gloves are divided into ordinary powder type and powder free purification type, with smooth and pitted anti-skid.
The models of NBR gloves(nitrile gloves) are divided into palm hemp surface anti-skid, hand point hemp surface anti-skid, overall hemp surface anti-skid, generally no powder.

3. Antiallergic
Latex gloves contain protein, which is easy to cause allergic reaction to people with allergic constitution.
Nitrile gloves do not contain protein, amino compounds and other harmful substances, rarely produce allergies.

4. Degradability
Latex gloves and nitrile gloves are degradable, easy to handle and environmentally friendly.

5. Puncture resistance
The toughness and wear resistance of latex gloves are slightly inferior to those of nitrile gloves.

The puncture resistance of nitrile gloves is three to five times higher than that of latex. For dentists who need to use sharp tools, the use of durable nitrile gloves can establish a safer barrier in contact with patients.

6, Elasticity
Latex gloves are soft and wear-resistant, with better elasticity than nitrile gloves.

7. Hand Fit
The nitrile gloves contain butadiene monomer, which makes them a flexible rubber, which can make the wearer experience the best tactile sensitivity. In addition, the fit is due to its good thermal conductivity, which provides excellent flexibility, which is particularly important for medical professionals or those who operate small parts or tools.

8, Price
Because the chemical resistance and acid-base resistance of nitrile material are much better than latex, the price of nitrile gloves is higher than latex products.

9, Color
Pigment can be added to NBR material, with bright color. It can relieve the tension of patients.

In addition, NBR gloves are suitable for strict dust-free room environment because of its no silicon component, certain antistatic performance, low surface chemical residue, low ion content and small particle content.

To sum up, gloves are not absolutely good or bad. People can choose suitable gloves according to their own needs when using them.

The material of nitrile gloves is degradable, wearing is not allergic, pigment can be added, and the color is also bright. Its disadvantage is poor elasticity, and the price is higher than latex gloves;

PVC gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride; the advantages of PVC gloves are low price, adding pigments to create bright colors, and the disadvantages are high plasticizers. Plasticizers are internationally recognized public health enemies, which are volatile and harmful gases when heated, and they are not degradable; the advantages of latex gloves are degradable and elastic, but some people wear latex for a long time Gloves can cause skin irritation.
nitrile gloves
What about their antistatic performance? ESD refers to the anti-static property of products. Generally speaking, NBR products have the anti-static property, while PVC and latex do not have the anti-static property and are not suitable for ESD area.

In fact, the antistatic property of nitrile gloves and also depends on the formulation of the glue. The ESD performance of the products made by glue from different manufacturers is different, which has little to do with the glove manufacturers. Even the products made by the same glue have differences in performance. Nitrile gloves can be used as general antistatic gloves, but their performance is lower than that required Professional antistatic gloves.

When wearing nitrile gloves, please pay attention to:
1. Do not wear rings or other jewelry on your hands;
2. The fingernails should be trimmed regularly, not too long, so as to avoid damage to the fingertips of gloves;
3. Prevent the piercing of sharp objects, such as needles, toothpicks, etc;
4. Take off the gloves from the wrist down slowly, not from the fingers;
5. Pay attention to the size when selecting. Too small will cause blood flow disorder, and too large will easily fall off;
6. It needs to be checked regularly. If it is found damaged, it can not be used again.

Precautions for PVC gloves
1. Disposable PVC gloves do not have high temperature resistance and insulation performance. It is not allowed to be used in high-temperature workplace, and it is absolutely not allowed to be used as insulating gloves.
2. Once the disposable PVC gloves are cut, the protective effect will be affected. Do not use them
3. The disposable PVC gloves shall be kept ventilated and dry during storage to prevent damp and mildew.
4. Disposable PVC gloves. Do not contact corrosive substances.

Precautions for latex gloves are as follows:
1. Avoid contact with chemicals such as acids, bases, organic solvents.
2. For example, when dealing with infectious substances, latex gloves without powder and low protein should be selected. Powder free and low protein latex gloves can reduce the risk of allergies. But the so-called hypoallergenic latex gloves can not reduce the risk of latex allergy, only reduce the allergic reaction caused by chemical additives in latex gloves.
3. Adhere to the code of practice to reduce the risk of latex. Such as:
1) Do not use oily hand cream or make-up water when wearing latex gloves, which may cause deterioration or damage of latex gloves.
2) After removing or removing latex gloves, wash your hands with mild soap and dry them completely.
3) For disposable latex gloves, do not wear them repeatedly (because gloves may have lost the ability to defend against harmful substances).

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