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How to choose a portable gun holster?

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Gun holster is an important piece of equipment. Gun holster plays a decisive role for reliable, comfortable, concealed carrying of firearms, flexible and fast gun shooting. Of course, the holster also serves to prevent weapons from being snatched, dropped, or lost. It is often used for police duty and mission.

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Gun holster is generally convenient to pull out or insert the pistol with one hand, so most of them will use tougher materials. In the early days, many pistol holsters were made of leather. Because of their firmness, wear resistance, beautiful appearance, and other characteristics, they were well received. Since the First World War, they have been widely equipped with armies around the world. Now, more gun holsters are made of nylon or plastic materials, which have the advantages of toughness, wear resistance and low price. With the rapid changes in individual equipment, leather holsters are outdated and inadequate in performance in front of holsters made of polymer materials due to the heavy weight, easy moisture, and troublesome maintenance.

But this does not mean that leather holsters are outdated!

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If you say which holster is easy to use, you will definitely have many answers. But when it comes to the texture and feel of the holster, the leather holster is probably the best choice. The texture and feel of leather goods are far from plastic sleeves, engineering plastics can compare, not to mention cheap nylon or canvas gun holster.

In recent years, the awakening of traditional craftsmanship has made handmade leather holsters a classic.

Shenzhen Hongxiangwen Hook&Loop Co,. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of holsters. It is made of neoprene and leather materials, which is an ideal product for gun matching units.

If the leather holster is not what you don’t like. Our Oxford cloth holsters, plastic steel holsters, etc. can meet your needs.

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