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Online Exhibition Ends Smoothly

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The 127th Canton Fair, which lasts for 10 days, ended today.

Under the epidemic situation, China's foreign trade once again demonstrated its toughness and strength to the world through innovative online exhibitions. According to the statistics of many business associations, enterprises are highly motivated, the number of online exhibitors exceeds that of previous ones, and the exhibits are more abundant.

Taking the food, soil and animal husbandry industry as an example, there are 1760 exhibitors in relevant exhibition areas, with nearly 80000 pieces of exhibits, far higher than the number of exhibits that can be displayed in physical exhibitions. On June 22 alone, there were more than 200 live webcasts in relevant exhibition areas of the food, soil and livestock industry, and as many as 1300 live webcasts could be played back.

Anhui grain Holding Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu grain, oil and food import and Export Group Co., Ltd. have increased investment and made careful preparations for the live broadcast, and achieved good results. Enterprises have said that their exhibition period in this Canton Fair is up to 10 days, and they can have 24-hour online negotiation, and exhibitors get more opportunities to clinch deals.

Live broadcast helps to gather popularity, especially for high-quality enterprises. At this Canton Fair, through wechat marketing, live streaming, seckill and other digital marketing, Midea Group Co., Ltd. quickly transferred its sales channels to the online, greatly reducing the negative impact of the epidemic on orders.

At this fair, more than 6200 mechanical and electrical enterprises, including the household appliance industry, carried out wonderful online exhibitions. Exhibitors are not only fully prepared and actively innovated, but also serve customers and the world through R & D investment, development of new products, development of new business models and other ways, and have achieved good results in the exhibition.

The fair will set up 50 exhibition areas according to 16 categories of commodities, and all exhibits will be on-line displayed from June 15 to 24, with an exhibition period of 10 days. In addition to live broadcast, exhibitors can also upload exhibits through image, video, 3D, VR and other formats to display brand image in multiple forms and dimensions.

Exhibiting enterprises display all-around on-line for 10 × 24 hours, and inquiries and orders come in a stream from the "online". Enterprises have opened up new customers through global exhibition. Purchasers from all over the world can find the desired source of goods without leaving home, thus ensuring the stable supply of goods.

A purchaser from Chile told reporters that since March, the epidemic has spread rapidly in Chile. At first, the company was able to sell inventory products, but with the passage of time, the products were out of supply. "This Canton Fair is held in a timely manner. I talked with many customers at the fair, and after further communication, I will determine the order and pick up the goods as soon as possible."

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