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Almost everyone knows the importance of exercise. They all know that they lack exercise and should exercise. However, these people often have many excuses, such as no time, no venue, no money. Especially during the outbreak, many gyms have closed down, which can give them more excuses. In fact, it's really easy to exercise. You don't need a lot of space, and you don't need to prepare a pile of dumbbells of various types. You just need a resistance band.
resistance band
Recently, hongxiangwen has launched a number of new fitness products, including various types of resistance band, such as the latest resistance band, fabric resistance band, 11pcs resistance band set, etc., to facilitate people to exercise at home during the epidemic.

Resistance band set is cheap and very effective, suitable for all kinds of exercise, more than you think. It can increase strength and help you increase muscle resistance. It can help you burn more calories.

Fitness resistance bands are also the most portable fitness equipment. You can pack it into your backpack and use your lunch break to do a few sets of exercises. Can also carry on the luggage box, business trip in the hotel to exercise.

Resistance band has various resistance strength. Several resistance bands are equivalent to a set of dumbbells. There are various types of resistance band, including annular, straight belt and handle. Resistance band usually uses color to distinguish resistance strength. Generally, blue and black have greater resistance, but this is not absolute. Pay attention to check the details when purchasing.

Here are several kinds of resistance band set training that can cover the whole body. The main use is the circular resistance band, a small ring and a large ring.

resistance band set
Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Step on the resistance band under your feet, extend your arms downward, grasp one end of the resistance band and palm forward. Bend your elbow, lift your arm up toward your shoulder, feel the biceps contraction, and then slowly return to the starting point, doing 12-15 times per hand.


resistance band
Place the resistance band behind your back, level with your chest. Hold the resistance band in both hands and stretch out to both sides. Arm inward, palms facing each other, squeeze chest muscles until hands touch in front of chest, then slowly return to the starting position. 12-15 times in each group.

resistance band
Stand on the resistance band with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the resistance band with both hands, pull the resistance band over the shoulder, palm up, squat down, and maintain the squat position. Stand up straight with your arms extended upward until they are fully extended. Then, slowly squat down and return to the original position.

During the epidemic period, the resistance band was in hot sale. This is a good choice for you to exercise at home. It is economical, easy to use and has remarkable effect.


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