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Recently, hongxiangwen company has launched a new batch of products which are very popular in 2020 - pull up resistance band. It is very suitable for home fitness during the epidemic period. This kind of resistance band is very easy to use. It can exercise muscles of different parts through different stretching methods, and the exercise effect is very good.

Look at the following figure, in fact, the girl's overall body looks quite outstanding. The overall appearance is slim and tall, especially the waist and abdomen figure curve is obvious, and the faint visible vest line makes the healthy and sunny temperament look more prominent.

You can see from her figure that she is a fitness expert. She has a lot of professional fitness knowledge, and she in addition to regular fitness, there are some daily fitness tips. Because of her work, she often goes on business. In addition to business trip, she also travels, and her fitness may be affected. It wasn't a problem for her at all. She had pull up resistance bands in her backpack. Elastic band is easy to carry, but also can unlock a lot of fitness movements, it is definitely the first choice for business travelers.
pull up resistance band
Now let's learn five elastic band exercises with her, which are mainly used to exercise the upper body, so that your back, shoulders and arms can be fully exercised. Do each of the following five movements 10 times, so cycle 4 groups.

If you also want to bring exercise through elasticity, we recommend this resistance band from hongxinagwen, which is cheap and practical!

Action 1: keep your body upright, extend your arms forward, and hold both ends of the pull up resistance band. The lower part of the body does not move, the two arms extend to the left and right sides of the body, and recover after a 180 ° state.
pull up resistance band

Action 2: bend your knees slightly, separate your feet, step on the resistance band under your feet, hold the elastic band in both hands, and lean forward (waist straight). Keep the rest of the body still, pull both elbows at the same time, and then recover. Does it look like it's no different from making instruments? When traveling on business, if you want to keep fit but can't find a gym, take out a fitness resistance band and you can practice in your room.
pull up resistance band

Action 3: keep the body upright, step on the elastic pull up resistance band under your feet, keep your arms close to the front of your thighs, and hold the resistance band in both hands. Palm side down, lower body does not move, arms forward to horizontal position after recovery.
pull up resistance band

Action 4: the initial state of this action is the same as that of action 3. The pull up resistance band bypasses the body and steps on it. At the same time, bend the elbows of both arms on both sides of the shoulder, hold the elastic band forward with both hands, and keep the lower body still. Extend the arms upward at the same time, and then lower them to the shoulders. Repeat this process.
pull up resistance band

Action 5: the initial state of this action is also similar to that of the action. At the same time, both arms bend elbows on both sides of the waist, and both hands lift up the resistance band. The lower body does not move, both arms are raised at the same time, the big arm and the small arm are as close as possible, and then return to the initial state, and so on. The above five movements are not very difficult, the key test is endurance and patience, in order to make your body more nice, are you also ready?
pull up resistance band

This latest pull up resistance band is made from natural latex. The circumference is 208 cm. Our resistance band can provide you with a variety of effective exercise methods, which can easily exercise your arms, back, legs and buttocks. Ideal for provincial resistance training and physical therapy to help strengthen ligament and muscle strength, suitable for learning stretching, Pilates, weightlifting, yoga, gymnastics and physical therapy.

 pull up resistance band


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