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Under The Influence of The Epidemic Situation, What Is The Status Quo f Hook And Loop Tape Industry?

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With the spread of new coronavirus in Europe and the United States, more and more industries have been impacted, especially enterprises that pay attention to foreign trade. Almost all orders are either suspended or cancelled. Except for the industries related to the epidemic, other industries are relatively indifferent. For our hook and loop tape manufacturers, what is the current market situation?
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The author collates the following data to compare Alibaba's market demand index in the same period of last year and now; from July to September of 2019, the average purchasing index of hook and loop tape in Ali is 981, and from this year's data, the average purchasing index is 762. From the perspective of Ali's purchasing, the popularity of products has indeed decreased by about 20%, but there is still a certain market demand. On the other hand, we received about 120 inquiries about hook and loop tape from July to September last year, but this year's data is about 70, with an overall decrease of about 40%. From this data, we can see that the search popularity of hook and loop tape products in the whole network has declined greatly, and the market demand is limited.

In conclusion, no matter from what aspect, combined with the current situation, Xinguan epidemic has a great impact on the hook and loop tape industry. As a hook and loop tape manufacturer, we deeply hope that the epidemic can be ended as soon as possible and provide high-quality products for customers

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