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How To Determine The Material Of Hook and Loop Tape

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Hook and loop tape are made of different materials, there will be big differences in use, and the prices are also different, so when you are shopping for adhesive hook and loop tape, it is recommended that you check the adhesive hook you need The material of and loop tape has a systematic understanding. The following are five common materials of hook and loop tape.


hook and loop tape


1. Nylon Material
Nylon is not easy to burn, and very soft, nylon hook and loop tape is more suitable for use on clothing, and it is a very environmentally friendly material.
2. Polyester Material
 It burns easily and produces black smoke. It also has a pungent smell. The material is hard and the hand feels rough.
3. Mixed Material of Polyester And Nylon
Combining all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, it is not easy to burn and very durable. The adhesive hook and loop tape is made of this material
4. Nylon Grade A material
It is very soft and is often used as a close-fitting garment. It can also be used on babies without causing skin damage.
5. Unrush Material
Mainly used for non-grabbing hook and loop tape, only loop surface, hook surface is usually used with nylon A grade material, which is more used on underwear.

Different materials can be made into different hook and loop tapes. For different materials, the use and characteristics of hook and loop tape are also different, but all kinds of hook and loop tape are in compliance with environmental protection standards. Customers can follow their own requirements To choose different hook and loop types.


 hook and loop tape

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