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What Are The Features of Hook And Loop Tape?

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First, product characteristics:

1. It can resist high temperature washing, yellowing and sunshine.

2. Stable quality, uniform bristles, not easy to break wire, transverse tension firm and tight.

3. The hook surface is arranged in order and the cutting angle is fixed, so that the probability of hook hair bite is increased and the viscosity is guaranteed.

4. The product has good performance in the later stage, and the hook and hair bite can reach more than 10000 times.

5. The product is made of environment-friendly raw materials, without AZO (azo free) and heavy metals.

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Second, physical properties - the test material is made of 100% nylon hook and loop tape

Heat resistance melting point: hook: 230 ℃ wool: 180 ℃. It can be maintained for 1000 hours from 93 ℃ to - 56.7 ℃.

Cold resistance: - 20 ℃ can still be used, the lower the temperature, the stronger the tension, but the durability is reduced.

Water resistance: maintain 50% tensile force in water and recover completely after drying.

Drug resistance: alkaline soda 50%, ammonia 28%, hydrochloric acid 2.5%, nitric acid below 3.5% can still play a role.


Third, color fastness to high temperature dyeing

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